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What is a minimum QR code size?

Summary:  In some cases, you can create a QR code as small as 30 pixels by 30 pixels, but you may want to consider using a Micro QR code, instead.


If a QRcode contains only a small amount of text, for example less than 30 characters, you can potentially create a QR code that is as small as 30 pixels by 30 pixels. Remember, The more data a QR code contains, the more complex and potentially unreadable it becomes.  Also keep in mind that not all mobile devices have the same focal range so a very small QR code may be readable by some mobile devices but not by others.   A

Click here to read about Micro QR codes.

Below is a Free QR code generator. Try selecting your QR code style then complete some form fields and use the form option to try different QR code sizes. To test, try reading the QR code on the computer screen with your smartphone.

1) Select a QR Code Style
2) Complete the form
3) click GENERATE button

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