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Free QR code reader is already on your Blackberry (with pictures)

Summary: All Blackberry Phones have a built in QR code reader app that built-in and free.  The integrated Blackberry QR code reader app is fast and easy to use once you know where to find it on your Blackberry phone.  Here’s how…


Does the Blackberry have a QR code reader?  Yes.  A  free BlackBerry QR code scanner comes with every Blackberry phone, but it’s hidden and mislabeled.   Of course you can download a QR code scanner app, but the built-in Blackberry QR code scanner is free, and it’s faster and easier to use once you know where to find it.

Blackberry provides two free QR code scanners, depending on your Blackberry device.   One free Blackberry QR code reader is in the drop down menu of the Blackberry App World application that comes with every Blackberry phone.  The step-by-step instructions are further below, with pictures.  On older versions of the Blackberry, the QR code scanner was in the Blackberry Messenger program.

Because the Blackberry QR code scanner app is simple with no bells and whistles, it’s fast; much faster than every other 3rd party app we’ve tried.  Third-party apps require that you get a single good “snapshot” of the QR code which depending on light and position, may be very difficult.  The Blackberry QR code scanner doesn’t require a snapshot, it uses live video which is better and easier to use than a snapshot.   Activate the scanner, then view the barcode in live video and once the code is readable by the phone,  you’ll automatically see a dialog asking if you want to go to the link that was encoded in the QR code.   It’s clearly much faster and accurate to let the phone find a readable position than it is for you to photograph a QR code and hope that it is readable.

Keep reading for step by step instructions how to scan a QR code with the free Blackberry QR code reader:



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  • QR codes and Blackberry Fixed Focus Cameras: Some users have reported that the App World QR code scanner doesn’t work as well (and sometimes doesn’t work) on older Blackberry phones that have low resolution cameras or older Blackberries with lower mega pixel cameras.   Since the QR code scan is built into Blackberry App World, you can easily try it and please leave us a comment to let us know if it worked for you.
  • QR Scanner Pro from The Jared Company uses live video and not a snapshot. instead of a requiring a (sometimes unreadable) snapshot.   Also, the Jared QR Scanner Pro can be  assigned to a Blackberry quick key which allows you to access a QR code scanner with one key press instead of the making it faster to access than the  if you’re using QuickLaunch.   instead of navigating through App World menus.  Jared QR Scanner Pro scans in real time (no pushing buttons to take pictures of the bar code).  It displays the text or opens the URL in the smartphone browser if the QR code contains a link.  QRSP is free and works on 5.x and 6.x devices, even the 6.x leaks for the 9700.


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