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How to read QR codes with a Webcam

At the bottom of this article is a list of computer programs that can use a standard webcam on your laptop or desktop computer to decode QR codes. The vast majority of QR codes are scanned on mobile devices, but you may want to use a webcam to scan a QR code if your mobile device doesn’t have a camera or if your mobile device doesn’t have a data plan. Some QR code creators smartly include a human readable text URL that represents the same URL is in the QR code, but some don’t. When a human readable URL isn’t included, scanning the QR code with a mobile device or webcam is the only way to display the QR code target in your Internet browser.

Of course your computer webcam must be connected and working on your laptop or desktop computer. If you use a website to decode your QR code, you won’t need to install any software. If you are using a computer program or app to decode the QR code, you’ll first need to download it and install it.

QR code scanning programs have two methods of capturing the QR code image. The more difficult to use is when you must take a snapshot of the code. The QR code reader programs that automatically capture the QR code from a live video image are easier to use because you can simply move the QR code in several positions in front of the camera until it automatically processes a readable image. Just as on a mobile device, once the QR code has been decoded, the application will display a dialog asking if you want to view the website or take some other action related to the content of the QR code.

List of Programs to Read QR-codes with a Webcam

Online Web Application


PC Application


PC Application


Open Source QR Code Reader  ZBar


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Please, report specifically the links of the “two lists of computer programs that can use a standard webcam on your laptop or desktop computer to decode QR codes.”

I didn’t found this information …


To read QR codes with a webcam, try these URL’s:



I´m using Windows 8 64 bits Beta.. and the Setup of bcwebcam reports that needs NET Framework 2.0 (x86)


‘.NET Framework 2.0 (x86)’ RunCheck result: Fail
A prerequisite failed for Package “.NET Framework 2.0 (x86)

I’m researching a workaround for this…

thank for information


I need to find a solution to read a QR code from a webcam and return textual information to excel … What do you suggest?


The QRcode contains simple text, not a URL. The OS is Windows 8 – 64 bits


The format of the 2D code used in the scheme discussed in this earlier feature is designed to be read in a controlled environment, such as scanning postage stamps in a post office.

Handy information! I was actually thinking of an alternative if I have no camera on my phone. I’m so glad it was answered here. Thanks for sharing.

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