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QR Code meCard versus vCard

Summary: Use this fast free QR code generator to print a meCard QR Code. Also, learn what data a meCard QR code contains and how a meCard QR code is used.


A QR code becomes more visually complex with more pixels – and less readable — the more data it contains.  The vCard is a more popular format for QR-codes, but the  meCard format contains most of the same data using a smaller file with a more readable QR-code.   Usually, there’s not enough difference in the QR-code produced to give one format an advantage over the other.

The vCard has been around since the mid 1990’s and is the most widely used format. vCard data can be used in QR-codes, mobile devices, e-mail, instant messaging and on websites.  Read about the vCard format here.

The meCard format is far less popular than the vCard and the meCard can only be used in QR-codes and on mobile devices. The meCard specification was created by Docomo, Japan’s largest mobile service provider. According to the Domoco website, the meCard fields listed below are supported on the greatest number of mobile devices:

  • Name
  • Reading (kana name),
  • Telephone
  • eMail
  • Birthday
  • Address.
  • Additional meCode fields that are not supported on all devices are TelAV (videophone numbers), Memo, URL and Nickname.

Source for meCard specifications: nttdocomo website.

How to print a QR Code meCard

  1. Using the form below, select this QR Code Style –> “Contact Details (meCard)”
  2. Complete only the fields you want to include in the QR Code
  3. Click the [GENERATE QR CODE] button
  4. Your QR code will be displayed above the form. Right-click on it to save it to your computer or use the form option to send the QR code to your e-mail address.

1) Select a QR Code Style
2) Complete the form
3) click GENERATE button

Use only the fields you need.
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