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QR-codes on Websites

Summary: How to generate a QR-code for your website and reasons why you should (or should not) have a QR-code on your website.

“The primary purpose of a QR-code is to deliver information to a smartphone or mobile device.”

Although it is possible to scan a QR-code with a computer’s webcam, most people simply don’t. Ninety-nine percent of QR-codes are scanned by mobile devices with the purpose of transferring information from the QR-code to the mobile device.

Good Reasons to have QR-codes on Websites

Do you have information on your website would be useful when transferred to a viewer’s mobile device or smartphone?  Some people consider the QR-code an alternative to printing — somewhat like a “website to go.”   Using a QR-code to transfer information is faster than looking up the information a second time on the smartphone’s browser and it’s faster than emailing the link to a smartphone or mobile device.

Maps via QR-code: If your website is for a store, restaurant or some is somehow related to a physical location, using a QR code is a great way to send a map or turn-by-turn navigation to someone’s smartphone.  QR-code style to choose: Website.

“How-to” Text or Video via QR-code:  If you have a “how to” website that requires that the steps be followed away from the computer, using a QR code is a great way to transfer instructions or instructional video to a smartphone or mobile device. QR-code style to choose: Website.

Contact Info via QR-code: You can use a QR-code to allow prospects to add your contact information to their mobile device directly from a QR-code on your website (or business card).  QR-code style to choose: vCard or meCard. No Internet Connection is required.

Text via QR-code:  A QR-code can contain up to about 4,000 text characters although many QR code generation programs are limited to 1,000 characters or less.  A typical typed page contains about 2,500 characters.  A QR-code containing a lot of text will certainly be very visually complex, but the complete text is sent to the mobile device instantly, and no internet connection is required to view it.

How to place QR-codes on Websites

A QR-code on a website is simply an image file that uploaded to your web page server and displayed using the markup language of the web page.  Like any other image file, a QR-code image commonly has a file extension of JPG, PNG, or GIF.  A QR-code image file is always relatively small and there is no advantage to using one image format rather than another.

  • If you’re using a target URL in the QR-code, remember that it will be viewed on a mobile device and that the target webpage shown on the mobile device should be “mobile friendly” (formatted for mobile devices).
  • A QR-code containing a lot of data will be more visually complex (have more pixels) and may be more difficult to scan.  If your QR-code contains a lot of data, the image may need to be larger for it to be readable.
  • Some smartphones and mobile devices will require that the QR-code is at least 1″ diagonal is size to be readable.  Considering that some laptops and netbooks have small 7″ screens, you may want your website QR-code image to be no smaller than 120 pixels x 120 pixels in size.

Below is HTML markup language to include a QR-code image on a typical website.  Below is example HTML markup language to display an image of a QR-code:

<img src="http://www.yourwebsite.com/your-qrcode-image.jpg" 
alt="QR Code 123" width="200" /></a>

Free QR-code Generator for Websites

Use the Free QR-code generator below to create free QR-codes for your website.

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