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QR-code Best Practices

Summary:  When using QR codes, Objective, design, creation, readability and other factors should be considered. Here’s a multipoint checklist of best practices for using QR codes.


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QR Code Pre-Implementation Checklist

1. Evaluate your business objective for using QR-codes.  Ultimately, what action do you want your prospects to take?

2. Research the prospective mobile audience (via Comscore, Nielson, mobile web analytics, industry reports). Do your prospects have smartphones with cameras?

3. Evaluate the value QR-codes will add for the prospect.  Prospects need to have a reason to scan.

QR-Code Creation Checklist

4. Be sure target website is formatted for mobile displays.  Is it mobile ready?

5. Minimize data stored in the barcode for best readability. If the URL is too long to type, consider a URL shortener.

6. Test your QR-codes to ensure scanability. Be sure to use different smartphones, lighting, reader apps, etc.

7. Confirm on your computer server (website) that QR-code campaign scan data is being collected correctly.

QR-code Artwork Checklist

8. QR-code artwork may be creative, but don’t let creativity obscure the business objective. Sometimes simple is best.

9. Include a verbose (text) “Call to Action” near the QR code to encourage users to scan and tell users what will happen upon scanning.

10. (Recommended) Provide a short text sentence near the QR-code that will help users find a mobile barcode reader application if they don’t have one on their phone.

11. Provide an easy, text URL for manual entry as an alternative in case customer has no smartphone, can’t scan, or Internet is unavailable.

QR-Code Implementation Checklist

12. Confirm adequate wireless Internet access (WiFi) in the campaign area — except in rare implementations when no Internet is required (QR-code text only, QR-code business cards). Don’t assume cellular Internet connections are available everywhere

13. Place QR-codes in scannable locations, typically at eye level, with proper lighting and no visual obstructions.

14. Evaluate analytic data on host to confirm QR-codes are being scanned and user data are being collected.


QR Code Best Practices Checklist ©2012 Chuck Eglinton, QRcodesHowTo.com

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