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QR Code Calibration for Mobile Augmented Reality – Kyushu University

Posted by: Chuck Eglinton on: January 23, 2011

Summary:  How to use QR Code Calibration for ‘Mobile Augmented Reality’ to calibrate the location of mobile devices when GPS isn’t available.  Designed by a A Kyushu University student.


What is QR Code Calibration?

QR code calibration could be used by a museum wanting to provide QR code augmented video to visitors when they view objects on their smart phone screens.  Or it could be used by tour agencies to provided augmented video to visitors on tours.   QR code calibration is most useful if the mobile device doesn’t have built in GPS.  Also, QR code calibration is useful when GPS location is inaccurate or is out of range of GPS transmitters.  QR code calibration for mobile augmented reality was demonstrated in a graduate project by a Kyushu University student in 2011.



How does QR Code Calibration work?

  1. The QR code contains information related to a precise geographic location, either a latitude and longitude or a URL link to location information.
  2. The QR code is placed at a precise, immobile geographic location, perhaps on the wall of  a museum or at an outside location.
  3. A user snaps the QR code with a mobile device and video, images, sounds or other augmented reality information is downloaded to his mobile device.  Gravity and compass sensors of the mobile device, or smart phone, then take over to synchronize the display of augmented video, images or sound that will appear on the viewer’s screen as he views the panorama on his mobile device.



  • “Mobile Augmented Reality” describes when  images, video and sounds are added (or overlayed) on a video image, usually a live image, displayed on a video screen.   For example, the commentators on many sports programs use “augmented reality” to draw lines on the screen illustrating sports plays.  Sports programs on TV use augmented reality to show imaginary lines for first downs and to show information about auto racing that seems to be attached to the moving vehicles.   Mobile Augmented Reality is Augmented reality on a smart phone or a video camera or any other mobile device.

Source:  QR code Calibration for Augmented Reality

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