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QR code on Grave (with pictures)

Posted by: Chuck Eglinton on: July 15, 2011

Summary: How to add a QR code to a grave as described by a Memorial stone maker in Japan.


Memorial stone maker Ishinokoe (Voice of the Stone) of Yamanashi Prefecture produces grave stones with QR codes embedded in them. They are called the concept Kuyou no Mado, loosely translated meaning “Memorial Service Window.”  Visitors to the memorials can scan the QR code with a mobile phone to view information about the deceased.   The website may include pictures, video, or other family information.
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What: A QR code on a grave

Why: The QR code on the grave provides a link to a website that memorializes the deceased.

How: How they add the QR code to the grave is not revealed.

Who, Where, When:  Memorial Stone Maker Ishinokoe of Yamanashi Prefecture in 2008

Source: http://

Photo/Image Credit:  Digital Life

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Photos via Digital Life

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