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QR Code Tattoos – Permanent (with Pictures)

Posted by: Chuck Eglinton on: February 21, 2012

QR codes can be produced as both temporary tattoos and permanent tattoos.

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Yes, people are getting QR code tattoos.

A QR code tattoo is not really much different from any other tattoo.  You’ll need a skilled tattoo artist with an accurate hand.  Some QR codes have error correction rates that will allow the tattoo artist to be off on the design by up to 30%, but still produce a readable QR-code.   The average price an experienced tattoo artist charges is about $75-$150 per hour depending on your region of the country.  The best way to get an accurate quote is to bring a sample of the QR code to the tattoo shops you’re considering and ask for a quote.   Remember, the more data contained in the code, the more complex is the QR code, which may make it more difficult to read and more difficult for the tattoo artist to render.

The QR code below included something that is sometimes forgotten: a verbose link to the domain.  It also probably got something wrong: the QR code probably contained too much data making the QR code complex and more difficult to scan.

QR code Tattoo

QR code Tattoo (photo credit: http://randrimagesblog.com)

What’s in a QR Code Tattoo?

  • Text (up to 4,296 characters)
  • Contact entry (vCard or meCard)
  • Calendar entry (vCalendar)
  • Hyperlink (URL to text, images, audio, video)
  • Telephone number (Phone call)
  • SMS/MMS message
  • Email (Send message)

The list above are all the different categories of QR-code content.   The top three ,   If you don’t want to deal with maintaining a website, the first three QR Code Styles are your best choices for a tattoo.    Text, contact information, calendar entry, display information directly on a mobile device, but don’t require Internet connection and don’t depend on content from a website.   Although you can store up to 2,000+ characters in a QR-code, remember that the more data a QR code has, the more dots it will have (and the larger it may need to be), so don’t plan on a “War and Peace” tattoo unless you’re tattooing your entire back and your artist is on retainer.

The vCard contact information format has been around for a decade and will probably be around for decades to come.  Some people have gotten QR-Code tattoos that contain vCard contact information.  A business card has always worked for me, but sometimes I run out.

Most marketing QR codes are encoded to display content at a website such as text, images, audio, and video. The good news is that if a QR-code tattoo contains web page content, it can always be changed.  That is, when you’re no longer with “Winona Forever,” you can easily redirect the QR code landing page to “Wino Forever.”   Remember that if you encode a URL in the QR-code tattoo you might want to be sure to pay your domain registration fees 84 years in advance.  It would be rather unfortunate if a domain squatter grabbed your QR Code tattoo target URL and redirected you tattoo to some notorious sex website.

Removing a QR Code Tattoo

Presumably, a tattoo will last for your lifetime.  Can we say the same about QR-codes and the URL’s to which they point?   While QR codes are an emerging technology that hasn’t yet reached a peak, QR-codes are almost certainly to be replaced by some other technology in a human lifetime.  Do you remember film cameras?  Floppy discs?  Wired telephones?  Buggy whips? I suppose when QR-codes are a lesson in the history books, you can have laser removal and folks will just mistake your former QR-code tattoo for a bad rash.  But I digress.

Well, if you’re going to do it anyway, you might want to consider QR code “light”: a micro QR code tattoo.

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Micro QR Code

Micro QR Code

Search term: Laser Tattoo Removal

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