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Temporary Stick-on QR-Code Tattoo (with pictures)

Posted by: Chuck Eglinton on: February 20, 2012

Summary: QR codes can be produced as both temporary tattoos and permanent tattoos.  Here’s how.

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In Spring 2010, Dave’s Bread of Seattle gave away free QR Code Temporary tattoos to attendees that when applied to skin can be snapped with a smartphone’s camera to reveal that they won a tee shirt, a baked good, or a grand prize bag.

QR Code Temporary Tattoo

QR Code Temporary Tattoo (photo credit: blog.seattlepi.com)

QR Code Temporary Tattoo Call to Action

An important lesson about the QR Code Temporary tattoo is that it had a “Call to Action.”  That is, the promise of a prize  compelled the recipients of the temporary tattoo decals to apply them — and for others to scan them.  Marketers must give prospects a good reason to scan a QR code.

Remember Your Market

Remember the demographics of your prospects.  A QR-code promotion will work well for prospects with smartphones and QR code scanner apps, but won’t work well for a prospects that use phones exclusively for phone calls.

How to make QR Code Temporary Tattoos

Most simply, you can create temporary tattoos with inkjet tattoo paper and an inkjet printer.  The regular QC code rules apply: the QR code must be large enough so that it can be scanned with a smartphone that is positioned several inches away.  The QR code can be color, but the pixels (dots) must have contrast with the QR code background.  An  8.5″ x 11″ sheet of inkjet tattoo paper sells for about five dollars and you can print 40 to 60 QR Code tattoos per sheet.   Temporary tattoo Search Term: Inkjet Tattoo Paper

Where to buy bulk QR Code Temporary Tattoos

Bulk QR code temporary tattoos can be purchased on the Internet and cost from 3-cents to 50-cents each depending on the size and quantity you buy.   Search term: custom temporary tattoos

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